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Had great cross-border shopping experience and stories to share?

Found good deals and great products around the world?

Are you an expert at beauty & makeup products? A die-hard fan in limited edition action figure? Or a committed mother who always researches into baby items?

If those sounds like you, JOIN US! We are recruiting pros like you from different fields to help share your knowledge to our community. There are over 40 million foreign-branded products from USA, Japan, United Kingdom, and Germany in our catalog. While our team of editors is working hard to find the trending & best deals among them, they are indeed overwhelmed with the amount of great products we carry! So we need YOUR HELP as a content creator, guest writer, blogger, freelancer or just someone enthusiastic for a topic to find and share the great deals from our extensive product selection.

You can earn up to US$500 or US$50 per submission each month*


  • To maintain a guest editor membership, you have to submit at least 1 article or product / month
  • You understand the local culture & shopping behavior in one of these markets, preferably as local resident in:
    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • Taiwan
    • Hong Kong
    • Japan
  • You know the trends and demand in one of the product categories:
    • Toys & Collectibles (Lego, Funko Pop, Marvel, Gundam, Pokemon, game consoles, Starbucks mug)
    • Home & Lifestyle (Kitchen appliances, home decor, dining ware, tools)
    • Health & Beauty (Cosmetics, vitamins & supplements, fitness, health care)
    • Mother & Baby (Bottles & feeding, baby clothes, baby toys & tech)
    • Electronics (Audio, Smart home, Computer parts - SSD/GPU/CPU, Gaming laptop & desktop accessories only)
    • Fashion & Accessories (Shoes - sneaker / boot, Watches & sports tracker, Sunglasses & accessories only)
  • We want ORIGINAL CONTENT, any submission of copied / plagiarised content will be rejected

How it works

* all submission will be reviewed by our editors, only qualified submissions approved by our editor will be rewarded

Find hero products

in Comparee catalog
US$2 incentive per submission*
  • We want to focus on BRANDED products, with selling price > US$30
  • The product has to be in Comparee catalog with active offer (available on at least one merchant website)
  • Share with us why you think it is great, ie. great quality, great discount vs local, not available locally to buy etc
  • Our editor will review submissions twice per week and approve qualified ones
  • You are welcome to submit up to 3 products / day, with a maximum of 21 products per week

Write original content

relevant to cross-border shopping
Up to US$23 incentive per submission*
  • Send us your proposed topic with a short summary of < 50 words to editor first, and our editors will review the topic to ensure it is relevant and not duplicate with any existing content
  • Once pre-approved, you can start to develop your content
  • You will earn different incentive dollar based on structure below -
  • Simple content of 150-200 words
    US$ 8
  • Medium length content of 200-500 words
    US$ 12
  • Long content of 500-800 words
    US$ 15
  • In-depth content of 800+ words
    US$ 21
  • Provide original photos
    + US$ 2
  • Once you submit the work, it will be reviewed by our editor. Upon approval, your work may show up in our upcoming blogs, social media platforms, or other media channels
  • You are welcome to submit up to 3 articles / week

Sharing to the community

in social media
Up to US$25 incentive*
  • Once the content is published in our blogs & social media platform, you can further contribute your work to the community by sharing them
  • We will provide incentive based on where you share the content and your influence -
  • Your Facebook account
    US$ 2.5
  • Your Twitter account
    US$ 2.5
  • Your Instagram account
    US$ 2.5
  • Your Wechat account
    US$ 2.5
  • Bonus: If you have more than 200 friends & followers
    + US$ 7
  • Bonus: If the posts get 50 likes in 2 week
    + US$ 8
  • We will also consider other sharing channels not listed above, let us know if you have great ideas! ** You must share the contents published via our official channels (Blog, social media, website)

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you will NOT receive product sample from us. What you have to do is browse though our comparee catalog and find products that are interesting, and submit them to our editors. After our editors approve them (usually within 24 hours), you can start to develop the content and/or share them

No, you don't have to own the product. It can be based on your previous experience similar products, or from your peers' feedback

But of course, we will recommend you to start with the products you own first, your content / sharing will be more convincing and more influential

That's subjective, but just think about what your peers will like to read

In our experience, these are some good topics / products -

  • - Quality products from overseas that are not available in your country
  • - Premium branded goods where you can buy it much cheaper overseas vs in your country, ie. >30% discount
  • - Trending & funny products that will suprise readers

In the last day of each month, we will send the incentive when your total balance exceed US$20. If your balance is less than the amount, the amount will carry forward to the next month, your balance will never expire

You can select from one of the options below: Amazon coupon, eBay coupon, PayPal credit (fees might apply depends on your account type). We can only do bank transfer if your balance is over US$250, but there will be bank charges

Overall our qualification rate is high, and the rules are not strict. There is no reason for us to reject great content. There are some basic principles we have to follow -

  1. The product / topic you proposed is not duplicated with any existing content
  2. The topic is relevant to cross-border shopping and Comparee
  3. The content you provided add values and users will like to read them

Please check the Join us button above and fill your information first. We will review your application and get back asap. Once approved, we will provide you access and tools, so you can start to contribute content

Yes, you can. We encourage writers to share their experience in cross-border shopping, some good topics includes logistics, tax, discounts, buyer protection, merchant reviews, returns, etc. They are not product related but they can definitely help cross-border shoppers. We encourage you to develop the content, but before you start you might want to send the proposed topic for our editors to review first

Currently we will accept contents in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Malay, Japanese

No, you cannot. If you participate in our program, you agree to grant Comparee the copyrights, designs or other intellectual property rights of the work. Publishing the content to other channels without our agreement is prohibited
Once we publish your work on Comparee’s Blog or social media platforms, you will get the URL, you can start to share the URL in your social media accounts to earn the incentive

Yes, you can visit our blog and there are over hundreds of articles over there

Yes, you can. "Find hero products" can work alone, you can submit up to 3 products / day. The only information you have to provide is the product Id on Comparee (or URL), and the reason why you think it is great

Yes, that is great! Please talk to us, we will love to explore and hear your feedback & ideas